LazadaPH: Control is given to the customers

by sest1966


Ecommerce in the Philippines is on the verge of rising for the past couple of years now. I guess the growth of the Philippines’ economy helped. What truly amazes me is how online shopping is becoming an accepted alternative to Filipinos. In the past, online shopping was only available outside country.  I needed to pay extra fee for International rate shipment. All in all, it was actually expensive to buy from an online store then. I only choose online shopping for items that are not available in the Philippines. Beyond that, I go through the traditional offline shopping. But things changed for the past couple of year. Since the arrival of group buying websites, it paved way for local Internet users to get familiarized on how online shopping is done by the time they arrived in the country. Since Filipinos are already experienced in online shopping, it gave online stores an advantage since they don’t need to start from scratch in building up the online shopping trend in the country.


One particular online store that made a difference when they arrived is Lazada Philippines. This online store was only launched last year. They were one of the first online shopping mall that was launched in the country with a wide scale of online marketing support, which made their presence known to online Internet users way faster compared to its competitors. Lazada is actually modeled after the Amazon website which is having a huge success in the United States and recently Mexico. It’s actually launched across South East Asia. They are available in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia as well. What Lazada offers to customers that other competitors don’t have is their ability to offer Cash on Delivery. This alternative payment method allows customers to order from their website without worrying about paying them right away. Customers can order anything they want and have it directly delivered at their preferred shipping address. All the customer’s need to do is just provide the recipient name and shipment address without paying up front. Lazada usually takes two to five days for the delivery process.  One the order arrives, that’s the online time customers are required to pay in cash. This payment method was first introduced in the country by Lazada Philippines. By allowing this type of alternative transaction, it allows any Filipino to experience online shopping whether they are credit cardholders or not, which is usually the conventional payment method with online shopping malls. It’s actually one of the problems that made Ecommerce penetration difficult for some online stores. Sadly, majority of the population are unable to do online transaction. Either they don’t have credit card, Paypal account or just don’t trust online shopping at all. With C.O.D., it helps Filipinos that only have power to pay in cash to Lazada Philippines. This is also a safe alternative for anyone who doesn’t trust online shopping stores since they don’t require to be paid right away.



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