Lazada Philippines’ approach on reliability- A Review

by sest1966


A company’s reputation can easily get stained with just one mistake. It takes consistency in terms of service or other aspects in their company to be seen as reliable by customers. When a company is seen in a bad light, this must not be taken for granted and seen as irrelevant. Because one negative comment either false or true can deprive the company the opportunity to maximize their sales. Why would a first timer in shopping online buy from a website that is reputable for not being able to provide excellent service? I sure would not risk going through an entire process of browsing and ordering only to be ripped off towards the end.

LazadaPH is a newly established website that is only a year old. Despite not yet having such a long duration of playing time, they were able to create a praise filled reputation. It’s impressive how they were able to do so much in so little time and make damage control effectively. You would think that a website especially one that is owned by a foreign company would have difficulty incorporating products and services in favor of Filipinos. They have various features in their online site that prove just how much they value the satisfaction of their customers. They came up with a variety of ways to accommodate all their customers’ concerns. Since Lazada Philippines is an online shopping website, it involves exchange of compensation in forms of either credit card or cash. This makes the whole concept of their shop a lot trickier making it harder to hoard customers that would agree with their methods. One of their methods being the acquirement of information both personal and financial. Some customers would frown upon this mode of payment because of their fear that they might just be misled and taken advantage. Lazada’s solution to this is getting approved and recognized by a well-respected governing body called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI-DSS. This is to ensure their customers that they take responsibility for their actions and that they follow certain codes and standards to maintain a healthy relationship with their clients. They also have return policies that entitle their customers the right to return orders that follows the required conditions stipulated on the website. This gives the customers the chance to evaluate their orders up to a week span and get a refund in a form of a gift check if ever their item is considered valid to be returned. Shipping costs that customers will have to initially pay to get their item to the warehouse for assessment will be returned if order is deemed damaged, incorrect or defective. These are just some of the things companies that companies can provide for the benefit of their customers. Some customers aren’t concerned with the safety of their transactions because they think all websites are reliable and consistent. But this is rarely the case with first timers so it’s important to impress them firsthand. After all, everyone who is anyone is trying to get connected through the internet. It’s just a matter of time until the entire population including children try out online shopping for themselves.



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