Lazada PH Review: Online shopping malls over traditional malls

by sest1966

What makes an online store reliable? A lot of factors need to be considered in weighing in which one counts to declare an online store as a reliable source. The availability of a physical office based in your country has some weight as well. This also includes have a secured line on their website to assure customers that their credit card details won’t be compromised by hackers. Placing authorized seals on your website can also help entice customers that they are dealing on a legit online store. Another thing that we can consider a factor to become a reliable online store is that they offer warranty and returns on all of their items being offered on their website. One website that I actually noticed is Lazada Philippines.


This online shopping mall was just early of last year. As of now, they are of the key players in Ecommerce. As mentioned above, a lot of factors are considered and this website has it all. But what makes them special is there offered various alternative payment methods. Besides the usual online payment (which is usually via credit card or Paypal) they introduced the very first “Cash on Delivery” payment method that allows their users to become customers. What the customers just need to do is select any items they want and have it delivered on their preferred shipment address. People will only have to give away their recipient’s name and the actual shipment address. Lazada only requires their customers to pay them as there package order are handed over to their customers in real time.  This is actually what makes Lazada on top of their competitors since they allow their customers to be in control on what is happening with their orders, which is unusual since conventionally online stores always have the upper hand when processing orders wherein customers are required to pay upfront prior to the shipment of the item that was ordered from their website. Another thing that makes Lazada more enticing to the customers is that they offer free delivery availability, which is conditional depending if there orders exceed one thousand pesos.


Compared to other online stores, online shipment is usually shouldered by the customers. At an international rate, which takes a lot of extra spending on the customers end. With Lazada, not only they can enjoy the promos and discounts but they can also save extra money for the shipment. In other words, compared to offline shopping, they are just paying for the actual item without worrying about paying for the usual travel expense going to the location of the mall. They also enjoy the privilege of just waiting at there very home and not spend energy on travel time since they can order at the power of their fingertips. It is clear that Lazada is becoming the stepping-stone for the local Internet users to be open in selecting online shopping malls over traditional malls as their alternative-shopping destination.



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