Reliability is Lazada’s promise- A Review

by sest1966

lazada's promise

When it comes to online shopping reliability, I do not look anywhere else but Lazada Philippines . This online shopping company has gotten my loyalty and confidence that I think I would not be shopping somewhere else anytime soon.  The fact it is there was a point in my life when I was not this gung-ho about purchasing things online. I remember like around three to five years ago when my purpose of checking out online shopping websites was to online window shop and read reviews of new stuff that I could find or anything that tickles my fancy whether it’s a pair of new sneakers, gadgets, video games, clothes, personal care products, supplements and other goodies I look them up first online and read actual reviews of real buyers and then use the information to help myself make an informed decision about whether to buy a certain item or not. Then of course I buy the item from a local shop or from the shopping mall which is a highly touted way of shopping for me. I used to be really fond of going to the shopping mall even if I was not going to buy anything, I revel at the gratification I derive from touching the items I got on my wish list (by the way I keep a wish list of items that I wanted to buy even if it is not Christmas and I still do that practice up to this present day) nothing really compares to the satisfaction of feeling what it is like to have the item that you really desire. I am sure that all shopping aficionados regardless if they are into either online shopping or traditional mall shopping can relate to that magical and fantastic feeling. It was like living in the moment.

When I found out that there would be an online shopping website that is going to be located locally, I got thrilled because I have wanted to do actual online shopping and not just browse through reviews and online window shop like I used to. What deterred me before from shopping online was that those online shopping websites that I visit to read product reviews are all located outside of the country and I have trust issues with that because for me it is not easy to be readily at ease with an online shopping website that is located overseas for fear of not receiving my items and not having anyone to file complaints with. Lazada is absolutely different not only they are located locally but they are also in collaboration with LBC for their shipping service needs. That partnership has put my mind at ease and reassured me that my purchases are not going to get lost in the mail and even if they do (which is absolutely rare) I would have a place where I can go to in case of complaints. That for me is reliability. Ever since Lazada Philippines started, I have bought a lot of things from them and they have been very consistent in delivering my items on time and in great condition. Lazada always live up to their promise.