The rocket that brought Lazada to the high heavens of ecommerce success: Rocket-Interne- A Review

by sest1966


As a natural social and economic observer, I get off on gathering facts about a lot of things and that includes online shopping and e-commerce companies. I love to chime in and drop my two cents worth about different businesses I come across with during my daily jaunts into cyberspace. Right now, I wanted to talk about Lazada Philippines and shed some light on some of the wonderful things that they are doing for Philippine e-commerce. I would like to share some details about what they are doing, how they do it, who’s behind the company and why they are successful in conquering the Southeast Asian market including the Philippines in the online retail business.

First off I would like to provide a general overview of what Lazada Philippines is. Lazada is an online shopping website that is one of the pioneers in the Philippine online shopping industry along with the likes of Zalora (also one of the portfolio companies created by Lazada’s builder Rocket-Internet). Lazada.Ph provides worry –free and convenient shopping, free shipping available, the mandatory 7 days return policy, cash on delivery payment method and the best selection of items from top brands online. They have a very broad range of shopping categories that includes mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, watches, beauty and healthcare, travel and luggage, sports, and books music and movies. I was talking about payment methods earlier and I mentioned cash on delivery payment. This payment method helped Lazada Philippines in reaching out to the other members of the Philippine economic demographic. They were one of the first few online shopping companies that introduced this very convenient payment process. The cash on delivery payment method opened the doors for non-credit card holders to do online shopping. A pivotal service that is very crucial in capturing the very aloof class C and D markets. Looking at Lazada, it is very hard not to compare it to the world famous and there is a reason why an onlooker would think about such a comparison. That is because Lazada is actually an clone purveyed by the online venture builder and business incubator Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet is owned and created by the Samwer brothers of Berlin Germany.

They are a company with a decade’s long and illustrious history in the start-up incubator world. Just to give an idea on how successful rocket-Internet is, I am going to drop a few statistics. Figure that I found during my research about company. This company have created over 100 market leading ventures in over 40 countries around the world. It has 25 offices worldwide 9including the Philippines) and employs around 15,000 workers combined. They have been building online ventures since 1999 and have been very successful in doing it that is why they are regarded in tech circles as one of the fastest in the business when it comes to building online start-ups. It is no accident that Lazada Philippines have experienced such a rapid growth it is pretty obvious just by looking at the formidable builder behind it.