LazadaPH Review: A change in the Philippines E-commerce Industry

by sest1966

Here in the Philippines, E-commerce is an online industry that is tough to penetrate disregarding this year and only the past years. Local online users are not fond of online shopping since it’s not a highly trusted form of payment. One because it is done online and prone to be exploited by hackers; Second, people limited to payments such as not having their own credit card and Paypal account; Third, people are unfamiliar with online shopping that’s why they will rather stick with the traditional offline shopping.

But today, E-commerce is really soaring in our country. It all changed when websites like Lazada Philippines were launched last year in the country. I think they just started early first quarter of 2012. The challenge for any E-commerce company in the Philippines is how they will penetrate a thin market of E-commerce. What they did is they introduced a revolutionary “Cash on Delivery” payment method. What it does is it actually allows anyone to do online shopping on their website without needing to pay them up straight. All they need to do is select the “Cash on Delivery” payment option and shipping address along with what items they ordered. After which they just have to wait for there ordered items to be delivered and pay Lazada after their orders are handed over to them. How convenient is that to anyone? It’s pretty much the same with how we do it when we order food from a fast food chain. It’s almost similar to that although the delivery speed rate is far different. For food it’s much easier to deliver and they have a lot of nearby branches to almost any locations, especially top food chains in the country. But with Lazada, it may take two to five days of delivery since food from home appliances are way different, plus, they don’t have massive branches that a usual food chain posses. This also includes the possibility of having your delivery free of charge in case your transaction order exceeds one thousand pesos. In my personal belief, this kind of payment method was one of the reasons about the turnaround of the Ecommerce market in the Philippines. Any local online user can now be online customer with this kind of payment method. They wouldn’t mind the risk of doing business with Lazada since technically they won’t be doing the final transaction online but rather offline.  Since Lazada’s arrival, a lot of local businesses were translated online. I think this is the start of E-commerce emergence as top industry players in the online scene.




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