Easy transactions with Lazada PH- A Review

by sest1966


Paying for one’s item can be the most hassle. You can have the easiest time buying from shelves of groceries but be totally furious while waiting in line. If there’s one thing I hate about shopping whether it be in the grocery or department store has to be spotting a counter with the least number of people in line with the overall least number of purchases. I have the worst luck when it comes to estimation. Every time I line up in Mcdo and decide on which line to go to, the person on the next line that was waiting the same time as me would always get to the counter first. So if you ask me the main reason to why I prefer online shopping to mall shopping, I’ll probably answer you abruptly and say that it’s because of the undeniable convenience online shopping offers compared to other forms of buying. Shopping online extinguishes the need to line up or reach the mall a certain time to avoid missing mall hours. It gives the customers complete control over how they want to go about their shopping routine. When I bought from Lazada Skull Candy headphones, I had no trouble finishing my purchase despite it being in the middle of night. I bought from Lazada Philippines because they had the gridlock design I wanted for 37% off. I was able to get something retailed at P 6,150.00 for P 3, 850.00. Pretty amazing considering how hyped up skull candy was a few years back. I remember getting torn between choosing cash on delivery over using my credit card and vice versa. In the end, my mom persuaded me to get the headphones with my credit card because they held a 3-monthly installment with 0% interest promo for all BDO card holders. Because my purchase was over P 1,000.00, I wasn’t charged any additional fees for delivery.

A serious bonus considering I had no idea of such rule. Cash on delivery was pretty wicked too because it was the safest out of all the other options available. I only had to pay when the package arrived. I didn’t have to worry about my money being taken from me and not getting my order in time because losing my package meant the company not receiving the corresponding payment for it. My mom made me use her credit card. I had to pay her roughly around 1,300 for three consecutive months. A load off from my shoulders given I was on a minimum wage salary. There were no interruptions all throughout my order besides the normal slow internet problem that would come up in between loading of pages. I couldn’t blame that on the site because obviously, it was our connection that was at fault. I could take all the time I wanted and not be yelled at or reprimanded by someone who’s waiting behind me if ever I was in the mall. The convenience online shopping brings is incomparable to the other improvements the internet has provided for us.