Lazada Review: Cray online shopping world

by sest1966

hopelessly lost

How does a man of my age figure out the difference between good deals from a cheap steal? Women make use of so many terms that it drives us men nuts. I may have my fair share with some of the terms having lived with three sisters for twenty two years but since I got my own place, everything just started getting more surreal. I was checking my Facebook feed when I noticed a former high school classmate’s status that said, “Life is so cray FML But idk cause there’s more to life than just having fun lol ;)” I could tell that she was coming from a good place but the usage of too much acronyms just isn’t amusing anymore. The weird thing was, I knew exactly what each three letter words meant. I think I’m going gay.

So as I was trying to think of a new topic that people would actually find interesting, I thought of online shopping which I’m personally involved in as well. I have done multiple logos editing for my friends’ start-up online shops and though I don’t necessarily get the hype over the said business medium, I understand that the profit they make out of it makes it all worthwhile.

I was going through a couple of online shop ads I saw on Facebook while trying to figure out the girl world that maintains a mystery to us men. And that was when I blurted out the word FTW and told myself I was getting sucked in a dimension I wanted no part of. It’s extremely excruciating to realize on my own that I was actually starting to understand a bit of it.

Good deals are stuff you buy that are around the same price range but probably is worth every penny. They’re the things you expect to be priced expensively but then turn out cheaper. But cheap steals? I have encountered such bargains online. I was looking at Lazada Philippines and couldn’t help but notice their long lists of discounted items ranging up to 70%. And I’m only talking about the ones I saw by accident. I don’t really know if they have promo ranges above that percentage. Cheap steals are items that are way cheaper that it’s supposed to be that makes you think twice whether or not something’s wrong with it. I have only one complaint before with online shops. It was that they limited their payment modes to credit card and meet ups which are both extremely risky and dangerous. Lazada however has cash on delivery payment method which works like an actual over the register payment only this time, the store comes to you. Call me cray, but it’s absolutely adorbs how these shops come up with services outside the box. Women’s world ain’t that bad after all.



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