Easy Access with Lazada PH- A Review

by sest1966


I have a friend who referred me to a website called Lazada Philippines. I’m working in abroad and wanted to give my girlfriend a birthday gift. Initially, I asked my friend to buy something at our local malls and have him delivery it to my girlfriend’s house since she just leaves a few blocks away from his home. When I told him about the request, of course, he said it was OK for him to go through all that trouble since he’s a close friend. But right after he was about to say goodbye he quickly change his mind and referred to me to just buy from a local online shopping mall website and have it delivered on my girlfriend’s address. I was surprised at that time, not because he backed out on my request but to hear from him that Philippines now have online shopping malls now. Last time I was there, online classified ads where only the popular locally based business website. He further explained to me how the website works. One of which that amazed me is that the website offers free delivery to their online customers. For me it gave me a glance on how fast food restaurants delivered your orders right in front of your doorsteps.


So I was really curious what is Lazada is really about. Apparently, Lazada is actually a venture established in South East Asia. They also have Lazada in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam as well. Learning this fact made me believe that it is a legitimate company. Also to know that they are under the umbrella of Internet E-commerce giant Rocket Internet really convinced me to try their service.


When I went to their website, first thing I noticed is that it’s very professionally looking. It’s actually clean looking since their background is white. It actually enhances their colorful images within the website. Another thing I love about Lazada is that almost all of their products are in discounts. On top of that, they also feature their promos very well.


I really like where they placed their search bar right in the middle on top. Actually, it’s the first section of the website I used when I got for the first time on their website. What’s great about having this type of feature in a website is that it can save me time on finding a particular item I’m really looking for. It actually saves me time rather than go through each category as I land on the category page where the item I want is available. I also noticed that their shopping cart is very useful. I can select all the prospect items I want to buy as I go through their items and have them sorted out on the shopping cart once I plan to finalize my order with Lazada. I can easily add and/or remove any item/s I want on the shopping cart page.  From the shopping cart, it’s a few clicks away to finalizing your order.  You can get to pick which payment method you will opt to and fill in the address where you want your order package to be delivered





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