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Month: February, 2013

LazadaPH Review: A change in the Philippines E-commerce Industry

Here in the Philippines, E-commerce is an online industry that is tough to penetrate disregarding this year and only the past years. Local online users are not fond of online shopping since it’s not a highly trusted form of payment. One because it is done online and prone to be exploited by hackers; Second, people limited to payments such as not having their own credit card and Paypal account; Third, people are unfamiliar with online shopping that’s why they will rather stick with the traditional offline shopping.

But today, E-commerce is really soaring in our country. It all changed when websites like Lazada Philippines were launched last year in the country. I think they just started early first quarter of 2012. The challenge for any E-commerce company in the Philippines is how they will penetrate a thin market of E-commerce. What they did is they introduced a revolutionary “Cash on Delivery” payment method. What it does is it actually allows anyone to do online shopping on their website without needing to pay them up straight. All they need to do is select the “Cash on Delivery” payment option and shipping address along with what items they ordered. After which they just have to wait for there ordered items to be delivered and pay Lazada after their orders are handed over to them. How convenient is that to anyone? It’s pretty much the same with how we do it when we order food from a fast food chain. It’s almost similar to that although the delivery speed rate is far different. For food it’s much easier to deliver and they have a lot of nearby branches to almost any locations, especially top food chains in the country. But with Lazada, it may take two to five days of delivery since food from home appliances are way different, plus, they don’t have massive branches that a usual food chain posses. This also includes the possibility of having your delivery free of charge in case your transaction order exceeds one thousand pesos. In my personal belief, this kind of payment method was one of the reasons about the turnaround of the Ecommerce market in the Philippines. Any local online user can now be online customer with this kind of payment method. They wouldn’t mind the risk of doing business with Lazada since technically they won’t be doing the final transaction online but rather offline.  Since Lazada’s arrival, a lot of local businesses were translated online. I think this is the start of E-commerce emergence as top industry players in the online scene.




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Easy transactions with Lazada PH- A Review


Paying for one’s item can be the most hassle. You can have the easiest time buying from shelves of groceries but be totally furious while waiting in line. If there’s one thing I hate about shopping whether it be in the grocery or department store has to be spotting a counter with the least number of people in line with the overall least number of purchases. I have the worst luck when it comes to estimation. Every time I line up in Mcdo and decide on which line to go to, the person on the next line that was waiting the same time as me would always get to the counter first. So if you ask me the main reason to why I prefer online shopping to mall shopping, I’ll probably answer you abruptly and say that it’s because of the undeniable convenience online shopping offers compared to other forms of buying. Shopping online extinguishes the need to line up or reach the mall a certain time to avoid missing mall hours. It gives the customers complete control over how they want to go about their shopping routine. When I bought from Lazada Skull Candy headphones, I had no trouble finishing my purchase despite it being in the middle of night. I bought from Lazada Philippines because they had the gridlock design I wanted for 37% off. I was able to get something retailed at P 6,150.00 for P 3, 850.00. Pretty amazing considering how hyped up skull candy was a few years back. I remember getting torn between choosing cash on delivery over using my credit card and vice versa. In the end, my mom persuaded me to get the headphones with my credit card because they held a 3-monthly installment with 0% interest promo for all BDO card holders. Because my purchase was over P 1,000.00, I wasn’t charged any additional fees for delivery.

A serious bonus considering I had no idea of such rule. Cash on delivery was pretty wicked too because it was the safest out of all the other options available. I only had to pay when the package arrived. I didn’t have to worry about my money being taken from me and not getting my order in time because losing my package meant the company not receiving the corresponding payment for it. My mom made me use her credit card. I had to pay her roughly around 1,300 for three consecutive months. A load off from my shoulders given I was on a minimum wage salary. There were no interruptions all throughout my order besides the normal slow internet problem that would come up in between loading of pages. I couldn’t blame that on the site because obviously, it was our connection that was at fault. I could take all the time I wanted and not be yelled at or reprimanded by someone who’s waiting behind me if ever I was in the mall. The convenience online shopping brings is incomparable to the other improvements the internet has provided for us.

Lazada Review: Cray online shopping world

hopelessly lost

How does a man of my age figure out the difference between good deals from a cheap steal? Women make use of so many terms that it drives us men nuts. I may have my fair share with some of the terms having lived with three sisters for twenty two years but since I got my own place, everything just started getting more surreal. I was checking my Facebook feed when I noticed a former high school classmate’s status that said, “Life is so cray FML But idk cause there’s more to life than just having fun lol ;)” I could tell that she was coming from a good place but the usage of too much acronyms just isn’t amusing anymore. The weird thing was, I knew exactly what each three letter words meant. I think I’m going gay.

So as I was trying to think of a new topic that people would actually find interesting, I thought of online shopping which I’m personally involved in as well. I have done multiple logos editing for my friends’ start-up online shops and though I don’t necessarily get the hype over the said business medium, I understand that the profit they make out of it makes it all worthwhile.

I was going through a couple of online shop ads I saw on Facebook while trying to figure out the girl world that maintains a mystery to us men. And that was when I blurted out the word FTW and told myself I was getting sucked in a dimension I wanted no part of. It’s extremely excruciating to realize on my own that I was actually starting to understand a bit of it.

Good deals are stuff you buy that are around the same price range but probably is worth every penny. They’re the things you expect to be priced expensively but then turn out cheaper. But cheap steals? I have encountered such bargains online. I was looking at Lazada Philippines and couldn’t help but notice their long lists of discounted items ranging up to 70%. And I’m only talking about the ones I saw by accident. I don’t really know if they have promo ranges above that percentage. Cheap steals are items that are way cheaper that it’s supposed to be that makes you think twice whether or not something’s wrong with it. I have only one complaint before with online shops. It was that they limited their payment modes to credit card and meet ups which are both extremely risky and dangerous. Lazada however has cash on delivery payment method which works like an actual over the register payment only this time, the store comes to you. Call me cray, but it’s absolutely adorbs how these shops come up with services outside the box. Women’s world ain’t that bad after all.



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Easy Access with Lazada PH- A Review


I have a friend who referred me to a website called Lazada Philippines. I’m working in abroad and wanted to give my girlfriend a birthday gift. Initially, I asked my friend to buy something at our local malls and have him delivery it to my girlfriend’s house since she just leaves a few blocks away from his home. When I told him about the request, of course, he said it was OK for him to go through all that trouble since he’s a close friend. But right after he was about to say goodbye he quickly change his mind and referred to me to just buy from a local online shopping mall website and have it delivered on my girlfriend’s address. I was surprised at that time, not because he backed out on my request but to hear from him that Philippines now have online shopping malls now. Last time I was there, online classified ads where only the popular locally based business website. He further explained to me how the website works. One of which that amazed me is that the website offers free delivery to their online customers. For me it gave me a glance on how fast food restaurants delivered your orders right in front of your doorsteps.


So I was really curious what is Lazada is really about. Apparently, Lazada is actually a venture established in South East Asia. They also have Lazada in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam as well. Learning this fact made me believe that it is a legitimate company. Also to know that they are under the umbrella of Internet E-commerce giant Rocket Internet really convinced me to try their service.


When I went to their website, first thing I noticed is that it’s very professionally looking. It’s actually clean looking since their background is white. It actually enhances their colorful images within the website. Another thing I love about Lazada is that almost all of their products are in discounts. On top of that, they also feature their promos very well.


I really like where they placed their search bar right in the middle on top. Actually, it’s the first section of the website I used when I got for the first time on their website. What’s great about having this type of feature in a website is that it can save me time on finding a particular item I’m really looking for. It actually saves me time rather than go through each category as I land on the category page where the item I want is available. I also noticed that their shopping cart is very useful. I can select all the prospect items I want to buy as I go through their items and have them sorted out on the shopping cart once I plan to finalize my order with Lazada. I can easily add and/or remove any item/s I want on the shopping cart page.  From the shopping cart, it’s a few clicks away to finalizing your order.  You can get to pick which payment method you will opt to and fill in the address where you want your order package to be delivered





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One of My Favorite story: The Use of Force

They were new patients to me, all I had was the name, Olson. Please come down as soon as you can, my daughter is very sick.

When I arrived I was met by the mother, a big startled looking woman, very clean and apologetic who merely said, Is this the doctor? and let me in. In the back, she added. You must excuse us, doctor, we have her in the kitchen where it is warm. It is very damp here sometimes.

The child was fully dressed and sitting on her father’s lap near the kitchen table. He tried to get up, but I motioned for him not to bother, took off my overcoat and started to look things over. I could see that they were all very nervous, eyeing me up and down distrustfully. As often, in such cases, they weren’t telling me more than they had to, it was up to me to tell them; that’s why they were spending three dollars on me.

The child was fairly eating me up with her cold, steady eyes, and no expression to her face whatever. She did not move and seemed, inwardly, quiet; an unusually attractive little thing, and as strong as a heifer in appearance. But her face was flushed, she was breathing rapidly, and I realized that she had a high fever. She had magnificent blonde hair, in profusion. One of those picture children often reproduced in advertising leaflets and the photogravure sections of the Sunday papers.

She’s had a fever for three days, began the father and we don’t know what it comes from. My wife has given her things, you know, like people do, but it don’t do no good. And there’s been a lot of sickness around. So we tho’t you’d better look her over and tell us what is the matter.

As doctors often do I took a trial shot at it as a point of departure. Has she had a sore throat?

Both parents answered me together, No . . . No, she says her throat don’t hurt her.

Does your throat hurt you? added the mother to the child. But the little girl’s expression didn’t change nor did she move her eyes from my face.

Have you looked?

I tried to, said the mother, but I couldn’t see.

As it happens we had been having a number of cases of diphtheria in the school to which this child went during that month and we were all, quite apparently, thinking of that, though no one had as yet spoken of the thing.

Well, I said, suppose we take a look at the throat first. I smiled in my best professional manner and asking for the child’s first name I said, come on, Mathilda, open your mouth and let’s take a look at your throat.

Nothing doing.

Aw, come on, I coaxed, just open your mouth wide and let me take a look. Look, I said opening both hands wide, I haven’t anything in my hands. Just open up and let me see.

Such a nice man, put in the mother. Look how kind he is to you. Come on, do what he tells you to. He won’t hurt you.

At that I ground my teeth in disgust. If only they wouldn’t use the word “hurt” I might be able to get somewhere. But I did not allow myself to be hurried or disturbed but speaking quietly and slowly I approached the child again.

As I moved my chair a little nearer suddenly with one catlike movement both her hands clawed instinctively for my eyes and she almost reached them too. In fact she knocked my glasses flying and they fell, though unbroken, several feet away from me on the kitchen floor.

Both the mother and father almost turned themselves inside out in embarrassment and apology. You bad girl, said the mother, taking her and shaking her by one arm. Look what you’ve done. The nice man . . .

For heaven’s sake, I broke in. Don’t call me a nice man to her. I’m here to look at her throat on the chance that she might have diphtheria and possibly die of it. But that’s nothing to her. Look here, I said to the child, we’re going to look at your throat. You’re old enough to understand what I’m saying. Will you open it now by yourself or shall we have to open it for you)

Not a move. Even her expression hadn’t changed. Her breaths however were coming faster and faster. Then the battle began. I had to do it. I had to have a throat culture for her own protection. But first I told the parents that it was entirely up to them. I explained the danger but said that I would not insist on a throat examination so long as they would take the responsibility.

If you don’t do what the doctor says you’ll have to go to the hospital, the mother admonished her severely.

Oh yeah? I had to smile to myself. After all, I had already fallen in love with the savage brat, the parents were contemptible to me. In the ensuing struggle they grew more and more abject, crushed, exhausted while she surely rose to magnificent heights of insane fury of effort bred of her terror of me.

The father tried his best, and he was a big man but the fact that she was his daughter, his shame at her behavior and his dread of hurting her made him release her just at the critical times when I had almost achieved success, till I wanted to kill him. But his dread also that she might have diphtheria made him tell me to go on, go on though he himself was almost fainting, while the mother moved back and forth behind us raising and lowering her hands in an agony of apprehension.

Put her in front of you on your lap, I ordered, and hold both her wrists.

But as soon as he did the child let out a scream. Don’t, you’re hurting me. Let go of my hands. Let them go I tell you. Then she shrieked terrifyingly, hysterically. Stop it! Stop it! You’re killing me!

Do you think she can stand it, doctor! said the mother.

You get out, said the husband to his wife. Do you want her to die of diphtheria?

Come on now, hold her, I said.

Then I grasped the child’s head with my left hand and tried to get the wooden tongue depressor between her teeth. She fought, with clenched teeth, desperately! But now I also had grown furious–at a child. I tried to hold myself down but I couldn’t. I know how to expose a throat for inspection. And I did my best. When finally I got the wooden spatula behind the last teeth and just the point of it into the mouth cavity, she opened up for an instant but before I could see anything she came down again and gripping the wooden blade between her molars she reduced it to splinters before I could get it out again.

Aren’t you ashamed, the mother yelled at her. Aren’t you ashamed to act like that in front of the doctor?

Get me a smooth-handled spoon of some sort, I told the mother. We’re going through with this. The child’s mouth was already bleeding. Her tongue was cut and she was screaming in wild hysterical shrieks. Perhaps I should have desisted and come back in an hour or more. No doubt it would have been better. But I have seen at least two children lying dead in bed of neglect in such cases, and feeling that I must get a diagnosis now or never I went at it again. But the worst of it was that I too had got beyond reason. I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to attack her. My face was burning with it.

The damned little brat must be protected against her own idiocy, one says to one’s self at such times. Others must be protected against her. It is a social necessity. And all these things are true. But a blind fury, a feeling of adult shame, bred of a longing for muscular release are the operatives. One goes on to the end.

In a final unreasoning assault I overpowered the child’s neck and jaws. I forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged. And there it was–both tonsils covered with membrane. She had fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret. She had been hiding that sore throat for three days at least and lying to her parents in order to escape just such an outcome as this.

Now truly she was furious. She had been on the defensive before but now she attacked. Tried to get off her father’s lap and fly at me while tears of defeat blinded her eyes.