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Lazada: Service improvements that make it worthwhile for the customers


Rocket Internet is known for launching Ecommerce websites across the globe. Their most recent launch, Lazada was launched across South East Asia. They are available in countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. They are clone of Amazon in the United States. Lazada was just launched last year and a lot of people were very skeptic on how it will turn out. First of all, everyone knows prior to their arrival that Ecommerce isn’t that strong enough yet compared to other countries. Although a lot of other countries or region already adjusted to the idea of online shopping as their alternative destination when they want to shop.  In Asia, it is way different. To make it less complex, Asia was simply almost a dead Ecommerce industry. It’s amazing how the owners of Rocket Internet, Samwer brothers, envisioned a dream of putting up online stores all over Asia.


To me, Asia has great potential for businessman. The competition for them is really low at that time and that it’s something new for countries where they launched. In the Philippines, Lazada launched in the country and local Internet users are unaware of what exactly is Lazada. There was no competition for them in the country. The closest competition they with the local online business are top local classified ads and group buy websites.


Beyond that, the only online shopping mall offering enormous selection like no other in the country was only Lazada Mall. This online store came in the country prepared in my own opinion. When they arrived, they introduced the alternative payment method called Cash on Delivery or simply called C.O.D. Their overall service was focused mainly to bring the best online shopping experience a customer should get. By allowing Cash on Delivery option on their online store for customers to pay their orders, this allowed anyone to become customers of Lazada. Conventionally, when customers buy online they should have either their own credit card or at least a Paypal account to make transactions online. Since majority of the Filipino market are neither credit cardholders nor PayPal users, this made online transactions very challenging on a business standpoint. So what they did is they allowed anyone to pay in cash as well. Giving limitations and restrictions is bad for business. If the customer can pay in cash, why deprive them the online shopping experience. With the C.O.D. Lazada actually taps the untapped market in the Philippines. Anyone can buy what they want online in their website and pay Lazada later. What they only need to do is provide the shipment address and recipient name of their orders. Customers are only required to pay when their order is deliver right in front of their doorstep. This setup for customers obviously gives them advantage. It only shows how determined this online store is to convince locals that they are a legit online store and they can be trusted. Along the way there were a lot of weak points in their service, which they drastically already improved on


LazadaPH: Control is given to the customers


Ecommerce in the Philippines is on the verge of rising for the past couple of years now. I guess the growth of the Philippines’ economy helped. What truly amazes me is how online shopping is becoming an accepted alternative to Filipinos. In the past, online shopping was only available outside country.  I needed to pay extra fee for International rate shipment. All in all, it was actually expensive to buy from an online store then. I only choose online shopping for items that are not available in the Philippines. Beyond that, I go through the traditional offline shopping. But things changed for the past couple of year. Since the arrival of group buying websites, it paved way for local Internet users to get familiarized on how online shopping is done by the time they arrived in the country. Since Filipinos are already experienced in online shopping, it gave online stores an advantage since they don’t need to start from scratch in building up the online shopping trend in the country.


One particular online store that made a difference when they arrived is Lazada Philippines. This online store was only launched last year. They were one of the first online shopping mall that was launched in the country with a wide scale of online marketing support, which made their presence known to online Internet users way faster compared to its competitors. Lazada is actually modeled after the Amazon website which is having a huge success in the United States and recently Mexico. It’s actually launched across South East Asia. They are available in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia as well. What Lazada offers to customers that other competitors don’t have is their ability to offer Cash on Delivery. This alternative payment method allows customers to order from their website without worrying about paying them right away. Customers can order anything they want and have it directly delivered at their preferred shipping address. All the customer’s need to do is just provide the recipient name and shipment address without paying up front. Lazada usually takes two to five days for the delivery process.  One the order arrives, that’s the online time customers are required to pay in cash. This payment method was first introduced in the country by Lazada Philippines. By allowing this type of alternative transaction, it allows any Filipino to experience online shopping whether they are credit cardholders or not, which is usually the conventional payment method with online shopping malls. It’s actually one of the problems that made Ecommerce penetration difficult for some online stores. Sadly, majority of the population are unable to do online transaction. Either they don’t have credit card, Paypal account or just don’t trust online shopping at all. With C.O.D., it helps Filipinos that only have power to pay in cash to Lazada Philippines. This is also a safe alternative for anyone who doesn’t trust online shopping stores since they don’t require to be paid right away.



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Lazada Philippines: Promos Galore

Lazada Philippines did not only introduce the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall to the Filipinos, it also introduced a new concept in online shopping – promos, promos, and more promos. In addition to the great convenience of shopping from home using the computer mouse or finger tap to place an order, promotions and great discounts on selected products are also coupled with more promotions from the credit card companies that have tie-up with this online shopping mall.


Product Promos

Their promos galore work this way: each department features a promo on a particular product for a given period of time. The item on promotional sale is marked down by approximately 70% off the original price. For example, down comforters that are originally marked as P4, 000 can be purchased on the promotional price of P1, 200. On top of this promotional item with hefty discount, there is always a long list of products in the same department that are discounted from 10% to as much as 60%. Sometimes, I really wonder how these people make money.

Credit Card Promos

To make shopping at Lazada Philippines really enticing to everybody, their product promos go hand in hand with credit card promos. MasterCard holders can avail of the MasterCard Mondays to pay for the promotional products that are already heavily discounted. It works by giving the online shopper an additional 10% discount for a minimum purchase worth P3, 000 using MasterCard on a Monday. Imagine this. You purchase a couple of promotional items totaling P10, 000 at 70% discount. The amount you will pay will be P3, 000. Purchase those items on a Monday using your MasterCard and you get an additional 10% off so you will end up paying only P2, 700 from the original P10, 000.

Another tool to save on money is through the use of MasterCard issued by Banco de Oro. Purchases made through this credit card will have 0% interest for three months. It is like paying in cash but your payments are broken down in three monthly payments.

Free Delivery Available

Typically, people avoid online shopping because they have to spend more in terms of shipping charges, especially if the shipping address is very far from the metropolitan centers. But that is not the case with Lazada Philippines. They have free delivery available to almost every shipping destination in the archipelago, giving every shopper additional substantial savings.

Enjoyable Shopping


Almost everybody loves to shop but every shopping spree usually ends up hurting the pocketbook. It is not the case with shopping at Lazada Philippines where shopping is always enjoyable after getting all the hefty discounts.  Shoppers will always be counting the money they saved by purchasing online from this virtual mall. Whatever is the occasion or the holiday that calls for shopping, this online shopping mall is always ready with its promos galore that gives everybody the greatest value for their money. There is no need any more to shop from foreign online shops because Lazada Philippines has everything at the lowest price possible.



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Lazada Philippines’ approach on reliability- A Review


A company’s reputation can easily get stained with just one mistake. It takes consistency in terms of service or other aspects in their company to be seen as reliable by customers. When a company is seen in a bad light, this must not be taken for granted and seen as irrelevant. Because one negative comment either false or true can deprive the company the opportunity to maximize their sales. Why would a first timer in shopping online buy from a website that is reputable for not being able to provide excellent service? I sure would not risk going through an entire process of browsing and ordering only to be ripped off towards the end.

LazadaPH is a newly established website that is only a year old. Despite not yet having such a long duration of playing time, they were able to create a praise filled reputation. It’s impressive how they were able to do so much in so little time and make damage control effectively. You would think that a website especially one that is owned by a foreign company would have difficulty incorporating products and services in favor of Filipinos. They have various features in their online site that prove just how much they value the satisfaction of their customers. They came up with a variety of ways to accommodate all their customers’ concerns. Since Lazada Philippines is an online shopping website, it involves exchange of compensation in forms of either credit card or cash. This makes the whole concept of their shop a lot trickier making it harder to hoard customers that would agree with their methods. One of their methods being the acquirement of information both personal and financial. Some customers would frown upon this mode of payment because of their fear that they might just be misled and taken advantage. Lazada’s solution to this is getting approved and recognized by a well-respected governing body called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI-DSS. This is to ensure their customers that they take responsibility for their actions and that they follow certain codes and standards to maintain a healthy relationship with their clients. They also have return policies that entitle their customers the right to return orders that follows the required conditions stipulated on the website. This gives the customers the chance to evaluate their orders up to a week span and get a refund in a form of a gift check if ever their item is considered valid to be returned. Shipping costs that customers will have to initially pay to get their item to the warehouse for assessment will be returned if order is deemed damaged, incorrect or defective. These are just some of the things companies that companies can provide for the benefit of their customers. Some customers aren’t concerned with the safety of their transactions because they think all websites are reliable and consistent. But this is rarely the case with first timers so it’s important to impress them firsthand. After all, everyone who is anyone is trying to get connected through the internet. It’s just a matter of time until the entire population including children try out online shopping for themselves.



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Lazada Philippines Review: Fitting for Filipino online buyers


I know how hard it is to trust a website you have never heard of. It’s even harder to trust a website that requires you to give up so much of you’re money without being assured enough to give it a go. I have always had this problem but because of websites like Lazada Philippines, I have learned how to set aside my apprehensions. The first time I visited it, I immediately saw its similarity with the sites I used to order from like Ebay and Amazon. I would order from those because of my cousins who have had experiences ordering from them. But I realized as time passed that the majority of what is sold there are more appropriate for people living abroad. Some of the items there are not advisable to Filipinos if weather, culture, preferences, etc. are taken into consideration. Because of those reasons, I tried to look for an alternative that’s based here in the Philippines.


Luckily, around the time I was doing my research, Lazada Philippines had just released their Christmas sale that was all over my feed on Facebook. Though I have never won in any of the online competitions I have joined, I would like to think that I’d eventually be lucky enough to get chosen next time. It’s very easy to get around the website because most of the things that are in demand or regularly bought are posted on the homepage. The page is divided into different parts like categories, promo banners, best sellers, company background and many more. There’s also a Search navigation bar where customers can just type whatever they’re looking for. You don’t have to go through each album or in Lazada’s case, each page to find what you’re looking for. You can turn to customer service for questions you might not find the answers to on the site or understand. It’s normal for online users to jump from one website to another because of the many results we get from a simple one word Google search. To spend more than 30 minutes of your time on a website goes to show just how much you were able to relate with it. You can measure one’s interest on a website by the span of time he or she pleases to spend on a website or page. With that in mind, I can describe my fascination with Lazada as something extremely alarming. Filipinos always have the choice to buy from various websites but it’s a lot easier to manage one’s expenses if he or she can purchase everything all from one site. This prevents a person from losing tack of his or her finances.


Since online shopping has become so popular, it’s possible for some people to end up overdoing it at first try. But remember that it doesn’t have to be complicated if only you know how to identify with the website in the sense that you know how to process orders as well as bring up your concerns if there are any. Websites are created to serve you so you might as well take advantage of the privilege of knowing everything you want to.




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Lazada PH Review: Online shopping malls over traditional malls

What makes an online store reliable? A lot of factors need to be considered in weighing in which one counts to declare an online store as a reliable source. The availability of a physical office based in your country has some weight as well. This also includes have a secured line on their website to assure customers that their credit card details won’t be compromised by hackers. Placing authorized seals on your website can also help entice customers that they are dealing on a legit online store. Another thing that we can consider a factor to become a reliable online store is that they offer warranty and returns on all of their items being offered on their website. One website that I actually noticed is Lazada Philippines.


This online shopping mall was just early of last year. As of now, they are of the key players in Ecommerce. As mentioned above, a lot of factors are considered and this website has it all. But what makes them special is there offered various alternative payment methods. Besides the usual online payment (which is usually via credit card or Paypal) they introduced the very first “Cash on Delivery” payment method that allows their users to become customers. What the customers just need to do is select any items they want and have it delivered on their preferred shipment address. People will only have to give away their recipient’s name and the actual shipment address. Lazada only requires their customers to pay them as there package order are handed over to their customers in real time.  This is actually what makes Lazada on top of their competitors since they allow their customers to be in control on what is happening with their orders, which is unusual since conventionally online stores always have the upper hand when processing orders wherein customers are required to pay upfront prior to the shipment of the item that was ordered from their website. Another thing that makes Lazada more enticing to the customers is that they offer free delivery availability, which is conditional depending if there orders exceed one thousand pesos.


Compared to other online stores, online shipment is usually shouldered by the customers. At an international rate, which takes a lot of extra spending on the customers end. With Lazada, not only they can enjoy the promos and discounts but they can also save extra money for the shipment. In other words, compared to offline shopping, they are just paying for the actual item without worrying about paying for the usual travel expense going to the location of the mall. They also enjoy the privilege of just waiting at there very home and not spend energy on travel time since they can order at the power of their fingertips. It is clear that Lazada is becoming the stepping-stone for the local Internet users to be open in selecting online shopping malls over traditional malls as their alternative-shopping destination.



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Reliability is Lazada’s promise- A Review

lazada's promise

When it comes to online shopping reliability, I do not look anywhere else but Lazada Philippines . This online shopping company has gotten my loyalty and confidence that I think I would not be shopping somewhere else anytime soon.  The fact it is there was a point in my life when I was not this gung-ho about purchasing things online. I remember like around three to five years ago when my purpose of checking out online shopping websites was to online window shop and read reviews of new stuff that I could find or anything that tickles my fancy whether it’s a pair of new sneakers, gadgets, video games, clothes, personal care products, supplements and other goodies I look them up first online and read actual reviews of real buyers and then use the information to help myself make an informed decision about whether to buy a certain item or not. Then of course I buy the item from a local shop or from the shopping mall which is a highly touted way of shopping for me. I used to be really fond of going to the shopping mall even if I was not going to buy anything, I revel at the gratification I derive from touching the items I got on my wish list (by the way I keep a wish list of items that I wanted to buy even if it is not Christmas and I still do that practice up to this present day) nothing really compares to the satisfaction of feeling what it is like to have the item that you really desire. I am sure that all shopping aficionados regardless if they are into either online shopping or traditional mall shopping can relate to that magical and fantastic feeling. It was like living in the moment.

When I found out that there would be an online shopping website that is going to be located locally, I got thrilled because I have wanted to do actual online shopping and not just browse through reviews and online window shop like I used to. What deterred me before from shopping online was that those online shopping websites that I visit to read product reviews are all located outside of the country and I have trust issues with that because for me it is not easy to be readily at ease with an online shopping website that is located overseas for fear of not receiving my items and not having anyone to file complaints with. Lazada is absolutely different not only they are located locally but they are also in collaboration with LBC for their shipping service needs. That partnership has put my mind at ease and reassured me that my purchases are not going to get lost in the mail and even if they do (which is absolutely rare) I would have a place where I can go to in case of complaints. That for me is reliability. Ever since Lazada Philippines started, I have bought a lot of things from them and they have been very consistent in delivering my items on time and in great condition. Lazada always live up to their promise.

The rocket that brought Lazada to the high heavens of ecommerce success: Rocket-Interne- A Review


As a natural social and economic observer, I get off on gathering facts about a lot of things and that includes online shopping and e-commerce companies. I love to chime in and drop my two cents worth about different businesses I come across with during my daily jaunts into cyberspace. Right now, I wanted to talk about Lazada Philippines and shed some light on some of the wonderful things that they are doing for Philippine e-commerce. I would like to share some details about what they are doing, how they do it, who’s behind the company and why they are successful in conquering the Southeast Asian market including the Philippines in the online retail business.

First off I would like to provide a general overview of what Lazada Philippines is. Lazada is an online shopping website that is one of the pioneers in the Philippine online shopping industry along with the likes of Zalora (also one of the portfolio companies created by Lazada’s builder Rocket-Internet). Lazada.Ph provides worry –free and convenient shopping, free shipping available, the mandatory 7 days return policy, cash on delivery payment method and the best selection of items from top brands online. They have a very broad range of shopping categories that includes mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, watches, beauty and healthcare, travel and luggage, sports, and books music and movies. I was talking about payment methods earlier and I mentioned cash on delivery payment. This payment method helped Lazada Philippines in reaching out to the other members of the Philippine economic demographic. They were one of the first few online shopping companies that introduced this very convenient payment process. The cash on delivery payment method opened the doors for non-credit card holders to do online shopping. A pivotal service that is very crucial in capturing the very aloof class C and D markets. Looking at Lazada, it is very hard not to compare it to the world famous Amazon.com and there is a reason why an onlooker would think about such a comparison. That is because Lazada is actually an Amazon.com clone purveyed by the online venture builder and business incubator Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet is owned and created by the Samwer brothers of Berlin Germany.

They are a company with a decade’s long and illustrious history in the start-up incubator world. Just to give an idea on how successful rocket-Internet is, I am going to drop a few statistics. Figure that I found during my research about company. This company have created over 100 market leading ventures in over 40 countries around the world. It has 25 offices worldwide 9including the Philippines) and employs around 15,000 workers combined. They have been building online ventures since 1999 and have been very successful in doing it that is why they are regarded in tech circles as one of the fastest in the business when it comes to building online start-ups. It is no accident that Lazada Philippines have experienced such a rapid growth it is pretty obvious just by looking at the formidable builder behind it.

LazadaPH Review: A change in the Philippines E-commerce Industry

Here in the Philippines, E-commerce is an online industry that is tough to penetrate disregarding this year and only the past years. Local online users are not fond of online shopping since it’s not a highly trusted form of payment. One because it is done online and prone to be exploited by hackers; Second, people limited to payments such as not having their own credit card and Paypal account; Third, people are unfamiliar with online shopping that’s why they will rather stick with the traditional offline shopping.

But today, E-commerce is really soaring in our country. It all changed when websites like Lazada Philippines were launched last year in the country. I think they just started early first quarter of 2012. The challenge for any E-commerce company in the Philippines is how they will penetrate a thin market of E-commerce. What they did is they introduced a revolutionary “Cash on Delivery” payment method. What it does is it actually allows anyone to do online shopping on their website without needing to pay them up straight. All they need to do is select the “Cash on Delivery” payment option and shipping address along with what items they ordered. After which they just have to wait for there ordered items to be delivered and pay Lazada after their orders are handed over to them. How convenient is that to anyone? It’s pretty much the same with how we do it when we order food from a fast food chain. It’s almost similar to that although the delivery speed rate is far different. For food it’s much easier to deliver and they have a lot of nearby branches to almost any locations, especially top food chains in the country. But with Lazada, it may take two to five days of delivery since food from home appliances are way different, plus, they don’t have massive branches that a usual food chain posses. This also includes the possibility of having your delivery free of charge in case your transaction order exceeds one thousand pesos. In my personal belief, this kind of payment method was one of the reasons about the turnaround of the Ecommerce market in the Philippines. Any local online user can now be online customer with this kind of payment method. They wouldn’t mind the risk of doing business with Lazada since technically they won’t be doing the final transaction online but rather offline.  Since Lazada’s arrival, a lot of local businesses were translated online. I think this is the start of E-commerce emergence as top industry players in the online scene.




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Easy transactions with Lazada PH- A Review


Paying for one’s item can be the most hassle. You can have the easiest time buying from shelves of groceries but be totally furious while waiting in line. If there’s one thing I hate about shopping whether it be in the grocery or department store has to be spotting a counter with the least number of people in line with the overall least number of purchases. I have the worst luck when it comes to estimation. Every time I line up in Mcdo and decide on which line to go to, the person on the next line that was waiting the same time as me would always get to the counter first. So if you ask me the main reason to why I prefer online shopping to mall shopping, I’ll probably answer you abruptly and say that it’s because of the undeniable convenience online shopping offers compared to other forms of buying. Shopping online extinguishes the need to line up or reach the mall a certain time to avoid missing mall hours. It gives the customers complete control over how they want to go about their shopping routine. When I bought from Lazada Skull Candy headphones, I had no trouble finishing my purchase despite it being in the middle of night. I bought from Lazada Philippines because they had the gridlock design I wanted for 37% off. I was able to get something retailed at P 6,150.00 for P 3, 850.00. Pretty amazing considering how hyped up skull candy was a few years back. I remember getting torn between choosing cash on delivery over using my credit card and vice versa. In the end, my mom persuaded me to get the headphones with my credit card because they held a 3-monthly installment with 0% interest promo for all BDO card holders. Because my purchase was over P 1,000.00, I wasn’t charged any additional fees for delivery.

A serious bonus considering I had no idea of such rule. Cash on delivery was pretty wicked too because it was the safest out of all the other options available. I only had to pay when the package arrived. I didn’t have to worry about my money being taken from me and not getting my order in time because losing my package meant the company not receiving the corresponding payment for it. My mom made me use her credit card. I had to pay her roughly around 1,300 for three consecutive months. A load off from my shoulders given I was on a minimum wage salary. There were no interruptions all throughout my order besides the normal slow internet problem that would come up in between loading of pages. I couldn’t blame that on the site because obviously, it was our connection that was at fault. I could take all the time I wanted and not be yelled at or reprimanded by someone who’s waiting behind me if ever I was in the mall. The convenience online shopping brings is incomparable to the other improvements the internet has provided for us.